Hungary warns of the risk of World War III if the West sends troops into Ukraine 0Hungary warns of the risk of World War III if the West sends troops into Ukraine 0

(Dan Tri) – Sending NATO forces to Ukraine could lead to world war, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto warned.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto (Photo: AFP).

In an interview with French media on May 3, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto criticized French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement leaving open the possibility of sending troops into Ukraine.

He said that the French leader’s statement escalated the situation.

`If a NATO member deploys troops on the ground (in Ukraine), it will be a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia and then World War III,` Foreign Minister Szijjarto said.

The Hungarian foreign minister also criticized Mr. Macron’s idea that French nuclear weapons could become part of `a reliable European defense system.`

`In peacetime it will be different, but in wartime, such statements can be misinterpreted and cause serious consequences,` Mr. Szijjarto said.

He also warned that, if the situation escalated into a global nuclear war, `it would be over for everyone`.

Speaking to Hungarian television station M1 on the same day, he also rejected the plan proposed by Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to provide 100 billion euros in support to Ukraine within 5 years.

`In the coming weeks, during the negotiations, we will fight for Hungary’s right to stay away from this madness, the plan to collect 100 billion euros and transfer them out of the bloc,` Mr. Szijjarto emphasized.

Hungary has always opposed the increasing involvement of both NATO and the EU in the Ukraine conflict, opposing military support for Kiev, including sending weapons or training the Ukrainian army.

The above warnings were issued after French President Macron this week continued to declare that the option of deploying military forces in Ukraine was open.

On the same day, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron announced that Britain does not object to Ukraine using weapons donated by this country to attack Russian territory.

The Kremlin believes that statements like this are `very dangerous`.

On the US side, US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink said that Washington wants to help Ukraine defend itself but does not support attacks with US-made weapons on Russian territory.

When asked how Ukraine could win the war if the United States limited its attacks on Russian territory, Ambassador Brink said that this position has not changed since the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out.

`The first part of helping Ukraine defend itself is to provide our weapons and those of our partners to support the efforts of Ukrainian forces on the front lines to regain territory. Our position from the beginning has been

Ukraine continues to press its Western allies for long-range weapons aid, but these countries are hesitant to provide weapons that could be used to attack Russian territory.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Kiev will not use weapons provided by foreign partners to attack targets outside the country’s borders.

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