The move caught Russia's attention when the Black Sea Fleet was continuously attacked 0The move caught Russia's attention when the Black Sea Fleet was continuously attacked 0

(Dan Tri) – New satellite images show that Russia has upgraded the infrastructure of the Black Sea Fleet after consecutive attacks on the Crimean peninsula.

Satellite images show smoke rising from the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet after being attacked on September 22, 2023 (Photo: Reuters).

An April 18 report from the British Ministry of Defense said that Russia `most likely` has invested in the construction of important infrastructure, such as logistics, maintenance and support of weapons systems at the port of Novorossiysk.

British Defense Intelligence also analyzed the latest activities of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, currently mainly anchored in the port city of Novorossiysk.

British intelligence noted that a Grigorovich-class missile destroyer conducted weapons disposal operations in the port of Novorossiysk on April 1.

`Since the commander of the Black Sea Fleet was dismissed in March 2024, this fleet has reduced its activities to the lowest level since the conflict broke out,` British Defense Intelligence emphasized.

British intelligence said the Black Sea Fleet will continue to anchor in Novorossiysk because this is the best way to avoid Ukrainian attacks from the sea.

In March, Russian media quoted sources as saying that Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov, Commander of the Russian Navy since May 2019, had been dismissed.

The move caught Russia's attention when the Black Sea Fleet was continuously attacked

Location of the Crimea peninsula on the map (Photo: BBC).

The Russian Navy had to retreat from part of the Black Sea after several of its warships and submarines were destroyed or damaged in Ukrainian suicide drone and missile attacks.

This force is said to be building a new base for the Black Sea fleet in the separatist region of Georgia, more than 600km from Ukraine.

Military analysts from the US-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has asked the Black Sea Fleet to seriously strengthen its defense to cope more effectively than before.

Ukraine’s attacks have forced the Black Sea Fleet to redeploy much of its equipment – especially surface ships, submarines and other assets – from its main base in Sevastopol to smaller bases.

The Ukrainian military’s Strategic Communications Center (StratCom) reported that the attacks disabled about 33% of the warships of the Black Sea Fleet as of early February, including 24 surface ships and one

Immediately after Russia launched its military campaign in Ukraine in February 2022, the Black Sea emerged as an important `front`.

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