The goal of Mr. Putin's rare foreign trip 0The goal of Mr. Putin's rare foreign trip 0

(Dan Tri) – Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to seek closer relationships in the Middle East during this rare foreign visit, a trip that could divide Gulf powers and the United States.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo: ZUMA).

Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit the Middle East this week, marking a rare foreign trip, focusing on issues such as the global oil market, the Israel-Hamas conflict as well as the war in Ukraine.

According to experts, Mr. Putin’s trip could cause division between Gulf powers and the United States, as the Russian leader is seeking to increase the gap between the United States and key power brokers in the region.

This will be a short trip.

On December 7, President Putin will welcome his Iranian counterpart Ebrahim Raisi in Moscow, in an effort to deepen the bilateral relationship, which was strengthened last year when Tehran began supplying military UAVs to

Mr. Yury Ushakov, Mr. Putin’s foreign policy assistant, said that this trip is very important in the strategy of `strengthening friendly relations` with these three countries as well as resolving fluctuations in the country.

This is a rare trip for Mr. Putin, the leader has been limited to traveling abroad since March when the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for him over the Ukraine issue.

Analysts said Saudi Arabia and the UAE are safe destinations for the Russian President because neither has signed a treaty with the ICC.

In a statement, Mr. Putin attributed the escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas to what he described as a `proof of the failure of US policy in the Middle East`.

Analysts who specialize in studying Russian policy in the Middle East say that Putin’s diplomatic approach is aimed at strengthening much-needed partnerships and signaling to the West that despite the US and

`In general, the importance of the Middle East has increased significantly for Russia over the past two years,` said expert on Russian policy in the region Nikita Smagin.

For the Arab states of the Gulf, where thousands of American troops are stationed and billions of dollars worth of American weapons are purchased, Mr. Putin’s visit is part of a careful balancing act aimed at diversifying

`It is a signal to the US that the region is significantly disappointed with Washington’s response to the situation in Gaza,` said Professor Nikolay Kozhanov, specializing in Gulf studies at Qatar University.

In Riyadh, President Putin will meet Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to discuss oil policy and the wars in Gaza and Ukraine, as well as trade and investment.

Their coordination upset Washington and accused Riyadh of siding with Moscow by increasing Russia’s finances to continue its military campaign in Ukraine.

Iran – Saudi Arabia’s rival – is Russia’s only military ally in the Middle East, providing Moscow with thousands of suicide Shahed UAVs to carry out attacks in Ukraine.

According to expert Maria Fantappie, head of the Middle East and Africa program at the Istituto Affari Internazionali think tank in Rome (Italy), Riyadh will likely ask Moscow to support its vision of a two-state solution for Russia.

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