The US considers a law to punish China's illegal activities in the East Sea 0The US considers a law to punish China's illegal activities in the East Sea 0

(Dan Tri) – US senators from both parties will re-propose a draft law to allow sanctions against Chinese individuals or organizations involved in activities considered `illegal and illegal` by Washington.

Naval ships of four countries, the US, India, Japan and the Philippines, passed through the East Sea during a joint exercise in early May. (Photo: Japan Times)

If officially passed, the `South China Sea and East China Sea Sanctions Act` will allow the US government to confiscate financial assets in the US, revoke or cancel US visas for any subject.

“The bipartisan draft legislation strengthens the efforts of the United States and its allies to confront China’s illegal and dangerous militarization of disputed areas it occupies in the Philippines.

“This draft law reaffirms America’s commitment to keeping the region (the East and South China Seas) open and free to all countries, and holds the Chinese government accountable for its actions.

The US considers a law to punish China's illegal activities in the East Sea

Senator Marco Rubio (Photo: AFP)

The new bill also requires the US Secretary of State to submit a report to Congress every six months to identify Chinese individuals or companies involved in the construction or development of illegal projects.

Individuals or organizations complicit in or directly involved in activities that threaten “peace, security or stability” in areas administered by Japan or South Korea in the East China Sea are also targeted.

The above bill was introduced in 2017, but was never transferred from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to the Senate.

This time, the bill’s supporters hope for better results thanks to the new chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Senator James Risch – who closely monitors China’s policies.

`We are very optimistic because President Risch is very interested in China issues,` Senator Rubio’s spokesman said on May 22, and said there were no differences in wording between the versions.

The current bill receives support from 13 Democratic and Republican senators, much more than the number of supporters in 2017. This may be a sign of an increase in opposition to China.

According to Senator Rubio’s spokesman, re-proposing the bill has been in Mr. Rubio’s plan for a month.


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