The US `acted` to attack Mosul, withdrawing 9,000 IS fighters to... fight Syria? 9The US `acted` to attack Mosul, withdrawing 9,000 IS fighters to... fight Syria? 9

According to Russian news, the campaign to retake Mosul/Iraq is a `show` by the US, to both achieve victories and mobilize thousands of IS fighters to fight Syria.

Iraq begins the campaign to liberate Mosul

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced on October 16 that the country’s armed forces today began a campaign to liberate Mosul – Iraq’s second largest city, in Nineveh province – from the hands of terrorists.

The Prime Minister announced the start of the operation and called: “Dear people of Nineveh province, the bell of victory has rung, the operation to liberate Mosul has begun.”

Mosul – Iraq’s second largest city is 3,000 years old and is considered one of the symbols of this country.

US military officials estimate that there are about 700,000 civilians in the city, while the total number of Islamic State terrorist organizations defending Mosul is about 3,000-5,000 fighters, while other sources say

Iraqi leadership officials announced that to liberate this city, the Iraqi armed forces mobilized more than 30,000 troops, of which the Iraqi army and the Kurdish Peshmerga armed forces played the role of core forces.

In addition, the battle to retake Mosul will also receive instructions from US military advisors.

While previously, US military leaders announced that the campaign would mobilize about 80,000 soldiers, including 50,000 Iraqi Government army soldiers, 20,000 soldiers of the Peshmerg and Turkmen forces, along with 10,000 generals.

The war will have international coalition air support, all costs related to the campaign will be borne by this coalition.

The Iraqi army launched a campaign to recapture the city of Mosul

Before carrying out this operation, Peshmerga forces liberated a series of large Kurdish residential areas from terrorists, so Iraqi soldiers were able to get close to the city boundaries.

At the same time, the Iraqi Government army also launched attacks on its own fronts and also approached the city of Mosul.

On the 16th, the operation to liberate Mosul began, American artillery shelled the positions of the `Islamic State` group IS, combined with aerial attacks from US Air Force and French bombers.

However, no one can confirm how long the campaign to retake the city, which fell into IS hands in June 2014, will last, weeks or months?

Russia: Attacking Mosul is a huge terrorist mobilization plan of the US

However, Russian intelligence announced that it had discovered a `sky-rocketing` US plan in Syria.

Within the city of Mosul, infrastructure was built that allowed seamless circulation to flow outwards.

RIA-Novosti news agency (Russia) quoted an anonymous source as saying that the US and Saudi Arabian security agencies had a secret agreement that all IS fighters and their families would withdraw from the city.

When the sweep campaign takes place, the air force and artillery of the coalition will freely shell and bomb uninhabited buildings in the city, as agreed in advance with the rebels.

Therefore, although President Barack Obama decided to launch the Mosul liberation campaign in early October, the plan was pushed back so that Washington and Riyadh could implement their `evil` plan to withdraw IS forces.

Accordingly, 9,000 IS terrorists will withdraw from Mosul, through secret corridors to areas in eastern Syria to carry out a large-scale attack campaign on forces loyal to Mr. Assad in the province.

The above source also commented that the resounding successes that Mr. Assad has achieved, with the help of Russian air force, have forced the US and Saudi Arabia to carry out this risky plan to downplay Russia’s victory.

The US `acted` to attack Mosul, withdrawing 9,000 IS fighters to... fight Syria?

Suspected US Apache attack helicopter escorting IS convoy from Iraq to Syria in November 2015

`In addition to the purely political motives of downplaying the success achieved by the Russian Air Force in Syria and shaking President Assad’s position, Washington also needs to have something to counterbalance the achievements.

In addition, the fact that Washington and Riyadh had to `mobilize` IS rebels from Mosul to Syria was aimed at increasing attacks on eastern Syria, threatening Damascus, forcing Syria to withdraw troops from Aleppo city and relieve the siege.

According to this information, the broker and guarantor in the agreement with IS fighters so that they could escape from Mosul was the leadership of the Saudi Arabian Intelligence Agency.

The source affirmed that this is the reason why the Iraqi army was able to easily recapture these cities, while in the past few years they have been unable to do so.

Although the Russian source has not been verified, it is a very interesting hypothesis, because there are points that are relatively consistent with the recent situation in Syria and Iraq.

Furthermore, after liberation, looking at the number of IS casualties and prisoners, we can know how many of their actual troops are left in Mosul and how many have disappeared.

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