Japanese people are worried about the scenario that Mr. Trump could be re-elected as US president 0Japanese people are worried about the scenario that Mr. Trump could be re-elected as US president 0

(Dan Tri) – Japanese people are worried about what will happen if Donald Trump is re-elected as US president.

Former US President Donald Trump (Photo: AFP).

The US presidential election gave rise to a rapidly spreading phrase in Japan `moshi-tora` (roughly translated: If Trump).

Many capitals around the world are debating the possibility of returning to the White House of former US President Donald Trump, who is famous for his `America First` stance.

However, in Japan, anxiety about Mr. Trump’s return is encapsulated in the term `moshi-tora`.

This term became more popular after Mr. Trump firmly secured the Republican nomination to run for president later this year.

Japan is America’s most important ally in Asia and depends on the United States for its security.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump has always been skeptical about the value and benefits that alliances bring to the United States.

Mr. Trump’s approach to some of Japan’s most pressing security concerns, from China and North Korea, has left the country’s leaders and officials worried about what might happen if

`It worries us. We don’t know everything yet so we have to start thinking. That’s the real purpose of moshi-tora: to warn us to think about the unimaginable,` Mieko Nakabayashi

It is a reality that Japan can no longer rely on former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was assassinated in 2022, to cultivate relations with former President Trump.

While in office, Mr. Abe built a close relationship with Mr. Trump.

Mr. Abe was also one of the world leaders who met with Mr. Trump right after he was elected president in 2016.

It is unclear how current Japanese politicians can continue Mr. Abe’s approach

According to Japanese press, Mr. Taro Aso, Mr. Abe’s deputy, went to New York in January and met with former President Trump.

`He is not president yet, but he has influenced US policymaking. As for Mr. Trump, he should now be happy to know that the Japanese are seriously thinking about the possibility of war.`

On television, newspapers and social networks, Japanese analysts are discussing their top concerns about Mr. Trump’s return.

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