Russia stated the prerequisites for negotiating an end to the Ukraine conflict 0Russia stated the prerequisites for negotiating an end to the Ukraine conflict 0

(Dan Tri) – Moscow announced that Russia is ready for dialogue to end the conflict in Ukraine, but only on equal conditions, new realities and taking into account Russia’s interests.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (Photo: Reuters).

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with heads of diplomatic missions in Moscow on April 4, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov once again emphasized that Russia is ready for dialogue to resolve the Ukrainian issue and ensure security.

He emphasized, but that negotiations will only take place on equal conditions and `must first be based on new realities, based on Russia’s security interests.`

Assessing the peace proposals put forward by other countries, Foreign Minister Lavrov said that China’s proposal is the most reasonable so far.

`The most important thing for us is that China’s proposal is based on an analysis of the reasons for what is happening and the need to eliminate these root causes. That proposal is structured from the general

The Russian diplomat also added: `This plan has been criticized for being vague… But this is a reasonable plan.`

Foreign Minister Lavrov also said that Russia continues to welcome ideas to resolve the crisis in Ukraine.

More than a year ago, China launched a 12-point peace plan to resolve the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

China’s proposal also emphasized: `All parties should support Russia and Ukraine to move in the same direction, resuming direct negotiations as soon as possible to gradually ease the situation and reach an agreement to stop

In addition, China believes that unilateral sanctions and maximum pressure from the West cannot solve the problem, on the contrary, they only lead to new problems.

The plan clearly states that dialogue and negotiation are the only viable way to resolve the Ukraine crisis, and China will play an active role in that process.

While Russia supported China’s proposal, the West showed no interest.

Ukrainian officials declared that the `10-point peace formula` proposed by President Volodymyr Zelensky should be considered the foundation for any peace talks with Russia to end the conflict.

Switzerland said it would organize a peace conference based on Ukrainian President Zelensky’s plan.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov emphasized that discussing resolving the Ukraine conflict based on President Zelensky’s `peace formula` is `a meaningless waste of time and intelligence`.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that it is willing to participate in negotiations but must be based on `new realities`, in other words, Ukraine must acknowledge the territories annexed to Russia.

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