The US is about to transfer to Ukraine `hybrid` weapons with an attack range of 160km? 0The US is about to transfer to Ukraine `hybrid` weapons with an attack range of 160km? 0

(Dan Tri) – Sources say that the US seems to be about to transfer to Ukraine the GLSDB ground-launched bomb, with a range of up to 160km.

The GLSDB bomb is a unique hybrid weapon (Photo: Saab).

Reuters quoted knowledgeable sources as saying that Ukraine may soon receive a batch of long-range GLSDB bombs manufactured by Boeing, weapons that can extend the range of attacks deep into Russian-controlled territory.

Politico said that small diameter bombs launched from the ground could begin to be delivered to the Ukrainian battlefield after January 31.

The GLSDB bomb is a small diameter bomb developed by the US Boeing Corporation and Sweden’s Saab.

Although it is a bomb, GLDRS is launched from the ground, specifically from the HIMARS multiple launch fire system or the M270 self-propelled gun and its variants.

Ukraine urgently needs GLDRS to increase the number of long-range missiles fired by HIMARS.

If Ukraine has GLDRS, Kiev can attack deep into Russian-controlled territory, forcing Moscow to move its warehouse and logistics supply system out of this weapon’s attack range.

Information about US aid to GLSDB was announced early last year.

Tests of the newly created GLSDB bomb took place on January 16 at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, according to the source.

The timing of weapon deliveries and deployments is kept secret to maintain the element of surprise on the front lines.

Although GLSDB is not as powerful, cheaper, and smaller than ATACMS, they are weapons that suit Ukraine’s wishes: Can disrupt Russia’s offensive operations and create tactical advantages.

In addition, the GLSDB project providing aid to Ukraine has been paid, so this weapon can be handed over despite the US Congress being divided over future aid packages for Kiev.

GLSDB combines the M26 rocket engine with the GBU-38 bomb, turning it into a precision-guided ground-launched tactical rocket artillery.

GLSDB consists of two main components, of which, the warhead is a small diameter bomb GBU-39 installed in an M26 rocket for launching from land.

When the engine raises it to enough height and reaches the required speed, the folded wings will open and allow the GLSDB to glide towards the target thanks to the semi-active laser probe.

In addition, equipped with a GPS global positioning system, the GLSDB bomb can overcome the enemy’s electronic jamming and suppression systems.

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