Ukraine cited losses after 2 years of conflict, outlined conditions for negotiations with Russia 0Ukraine cited losses after 2 years of conflict, outlined conditions for negotiations with Russia 0

(Dan Tri) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that about 31,000 of the country’s soldiers have died in two years of conflict with Russia.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky (Photo: Reuters).

31,000 soldiers died

`31,000 Ukrainian soldiers fell in this war. Not 300,000 or 150,000 soldiers as Russia claimed. However, it is also a big loss for us,` Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said at a meeting.

He did not announce the number of injured soldiers because that could provide clues to Russia’s military planning.

Ukraine has not published military loss figures since the end of 2022. At that time, President Zelensky’s advisor, Mr. Mykhailo Podolyak, said that about 13,000 Ukrainian soldiers had died since Russia launched its offensive campaign.

In August last year, the New York Times quoted information from US officials estimating that 70,000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 100,000-120,000 soldiers were injured.

The conflict also destroyed many Ukrainian cities and villages.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has entered its third year but shows no signs of abating.

`We have been fighting for 730 days. We will win on the greatest day of our lives. Everyone wants to end the conflict, but Ukraine is not allowed to stop,` he said, emphasizing that the conflict must

Previously, Mr. Zelensky said that Ukraine not only intended to continue its defense in 2024, but also prepared for a new counteroffensive.

He also called on Western allies and partners to step up aid to Ukraine.

He emphasized that Ukraine will be able to launch an attack when the number of weapons it has is equal to Russia’s.

On the same day, Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umierov said: `We are doing everything possible and impossible to achieve a breakthrough. There is a plan for 2024; however, we do not discuss it one by one.`

Negotiate on Ukraine’s terms

Ukraine cited losses after 2 years of conflict, outlined conditions for negotiations with Russia

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky (Photo: Reuters).

At the press conference, a reporter asked Mr. Zelensky whether Ukraine had lost this war and whether now was the time for dialogue with Russia when Kiev currently does not have enough weapons.

The Ukrainian leader replied: `We will give them the opportunity to admit defeat, admit mistakes.`

When asked if he would pick up the phone if Russian President Vladimir Putin called him, President Zelensky said: `He won’t call. He doesn’t want to end this war. Until now, that’s it.`

He continued: `Will Ukraine lose this war? I firmly believe that will not happen. February 24, 2022 is the most difficult day. We have no other choice but to win because if

President Zelensky also warned other countries not to impose a negotiating mechanism on Ukraine.

`We do not want to be forced into any form of negotiation. It is important that the negotiation initiative must come from Ukraine,` he stated.

`I really don’t want to see that, after elections in different countries around the world, some non-democratic or very democratic countries impose their own initiatives that go against them,` he said.

In a related development, Mr. Andriy Yermak, Chief of Staff of the President of Ukraine, said Switzerland plans to hold a summit to discuss the peace vision of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Ukraine and its foreign partners could invite Russia to attend a future peace conference to discuss ending the conflict, he said.

`We can invite representatives of the Russian Federation at a time when the country’s leadership really wants to end the war and restore peace,` he said.

However, Swiss President Viola Amherd said last weekend that Russia will likely not participate in the first round of the peace conference.

As for Russia, this country’s officials have repeatedly stated that any negotiations or peace conferences on Ukraine without Moscow’s participation are meaningless.

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