Israel's war cabinet disagrees on plans to retaliate against Iran 0Israel's war cabinet disagrees on plans to retaliate against Iran 0

(Dan Tri) – The Israeli war cabinet concluded an emergency meeting on the evening of April 14 but could not agree on how and when to respond to Iran’s attack, while the US urged Tel Aviv to `think honestly`.

Israel’s war cabinet met to discuss plans to respond to Iran in Tel Aviv on April 14 (Photo: Times of Israel).

On the evening of April 14 local time, Israel’s war cabinet, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and opposition leader Benny Gantz, met with senior security officials to discuss the issue.

This meeting is considered an event that can determine the future of the Middle East, because any decision made by the Israeli war cabinet can mark an important turning point in a region that has never been peaceful.

However, after more than 3 hours of discussion, Israel’s war cabinet has still not reached any decision on how to respond to Iran’s missile and drone attack even though the parties

According to Channel 12, in response to some reports that the US is calling for caution and President Joe Biden himself has advised Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to `think carefully and strategically`, the war cabinet has suspended the

Meanwhile, Israel’s Hayom daily quoted an Israeli official declaring that `there will be response action`.

Reuters news agency quoted Israeli officials as saying that the war cabinet supported retaliation against Iran, but was divided on the timing and scale of action.

The IDF said the war cabinet discussions came less than 24 hours after Iran launched an unprecedented attack on Israel, in which it fired some 350 ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and drones.

According to many Hebrew media, before this major attack, war cabinet minister Benny Gantz and National Unity Party colleague Gadi Eisenkot, an observer in the war cabinet, both proposed

The proposal was strongly opposed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, IDF Commander Herzi Halevi and others, Channel 12 reported.

However, the Israeli Prime Minister’s office denied this report, saying `the opposite is true`, although Channel 12 still confirmed that this¬†information was true and was confirmed by four sources.

After Israel’s air defense system worked effectively and Iran’s fierce attack did not cause much damage and after a phone call with President Biden, the idea of `immediately responding to Iran` was dismissed.

In a separate report, Channel 12 said the US would not veto any moves by Israel to retaliate against Iran but required Tel Aviv to notify Washington in advance if it wanted to do this.

According to Channel 12, Israel may be trying to determine whether it is possible to reach some kind of `strategic pact` with the United States against Iran, in return for its restraint.

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